On the occasion of World Cancer Day, the European Cancer Patient Coalition has launched an online education module on Health Technology Assessment. Aimed at patients and advocates, the module explains why, how and where cancer patients and patient organisations can get involved in this decision-making process. In light of on-going political debate on future EU cooperation on HTA, the module will empower all patient organisations to become stronger advocates at national level.

Patients have unique knowledge, perspectives and experiences, and are the ultimate beneficiaries of medical technologies, therefore patient representation is essential at all levels of decision-making for decisions directly affecting the health and lives of patients. Although patient participation has been addressed in legislative discussions, it does not provide for adequate patient participation in the new EU HTA cooperation framework.

Member States and national HTA agencies should institutionally involve patient organisations’ representatives in HTA procedures and, where necessary, provide information and training to facilitate meaningful patient involvement.

The ECPC educational module will equip our members with knowledge to participate in Health Technology Assessments of cancer treatments and build their capacity to advocate for patient involvement where it is not systematically assured, including the EU HTA cooperation legislative proposal”, said ECPC President Francesco de Lorenzo.

The module aims to equip our members and broader patient community with knowledge to participate in the Health Technology Assessments (HTA) of cancer treatments and advocate for patient involvement in HTA in countries and regions where patient involvement is lacking.

The module covers a range of topics from medicines development process and their examination as part of HTA, why cancer treatments might be reimbursed in some countries but not in others, and how cancer patient organisations can get involved in the HTA.

The module also covers the recent legislative developments on HTA at the EU level and the importance of involvement of patient organisations and patient advocates in Health Technology Assessments.

The European Cancer Patient Coalition will continue raising awareness on HTA and the importance of patient involvement in the assessment of cancer treatments both at EU level and in the Member States.


The HTA educational module can be accessed here

You can download the Press Release here.