06/2023 to 11/2026

Why it matters

ONCODIR has been funded with €8 million under the Horizon Europe Cancer Mission funding program and has 27 partners in 10 European countries. The project integrates multidisciplinary research methods from health policy analysis, social and behavioral sciences, artificial intelligence (AI), multiomics and retrospective data analysis, as well as decision support theories to deliver evidence-based cancer prevention programs and innovative AI-based personalized prevention approaches for colorectal cancer (CRC).

What ECPC does

ECPC will lead the collection of information to determine the social (including cultural and lifestyle aspects) and economic factors that influence the health-related quality of life of citizens. In addition, the organization will enhance the impact of ONCODIR by establishing links with other EU-funded projects under Mission Cancer and Horizon Health Cluster 4, in order to share project results, exchange knowledge and organize joint initiatives.

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Funded by the European Union.