What is Merkel Cell Carcinoma?

Merkel cell carcinoma is an aggressive form of skin cancer that usually appears as a flesh-coloured or bluish- or purplish-red nodule, often on the skin of the face, head, neck, or less often on the legs or arms, though it may occur anywhere. Its name comes from the fact that these cancer cells are derived from the normal Merkel cells in the skin associated with sensation of touch. These normal, non-cancerous Merkel cells were first described in 1875 by German physician, Friedrich Sigmund Merkel (Ramahi, et al., 2013).

More information can be found on the dedicated website.

In May, ECPC  launches the awareness campaign on Merkel Cell Carcinoma (MCC). With this campaign, we want to raise awareness on this rare but extremely aggressive form of skin cancer known to have a 25 – 40% chance of recurring and spreading (metastasizing) in two to three years after first diagnosis. We encourage everyone to spread the information about the disease and to join the campaign on social media,  re-sharing our posts or creating your own.