Head and Neck Cancer is considered the 7th most common cancer worldwide, around 150.000 new patients are diagnosed each year.

At ECPC we want to raise awareness on tumours affecting areas between the head and the neck because they aren’t often heard of, but can have very serious consequences.

For that reason, during the Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week 2021 we are launching two campaigns on Head and Neck Cancer, one featuring MEPs “Mouth, nose and throat tumours shouldn’t be taken lightly” and one within the overall Make Sense Campaign 2021, which aim to improve outcomes for patients with the disease.

About Make Sense Campaign 2021

ECPC together with the European Head and Neck Society through its Make Sense Campaign  have conducted a survivor survey, assessing the impact of Head and Neck Cancer on the physical, social and professional wellbeing of survivors, and the current availability of support resources. For that reason, we have disseminated a press release to emphasize the scale of the impact Head and Neck Cancer has on survivors’ wellbeing and the ongoing effect of the Covid-19  pandemic.

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About 'Mouth, nose and throat tumours shouldn’t be taken lightly' campaign

We have developed a web hub where you can find more information about the disease.

It focuses on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of head and neck tumours. In order to address this issue and raise awareness in the simplest and most effective manner possible, the communication campaign is titled: “Mouth, nose and throat tumours shouldn’t be taken lightly”.

Furthermore, we have also prepared a social media campaign featuring Members of the European Parliament.

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