Why it matters for patients

Sustainable cancer care cannot be achieved by a single stakeholder or EU Member State alone given the ageing European population and rapidly growing burden on healthcare systems. It is vital that we cooperate on best practices and innovative solutions in cancer care. This is the reason why All.Can, an international multi-stakeholder initiative, was launched in 2016. It aims to identify ways we can optimise the efficiency of cancer care by focusing on improving patient outcome above everything else. The concrete solutions that will be presented to governments for implementation are based on individual and local experience. The initiative brings together over 150 stakeholders including patient advocates, healthcare professionals, industry, providers and researchers that all share the belief that sustainable cancer care must be centred on the patient and improved patient outcome.

“We strive for all cancer patients to receive the highest quality care available and believe that patient-centred care is key to achieving sustainable and efficient healthcare systems.”

What ECPC adds

ECPC is a founding member of All.Can and maintains a central role in the governance and overall strategy as a member of the Steering Committee. ECPC involvement ensures that the voice of patients remains central to the work of All.Can. Since the beginning, we have examined where healthcare system inefficiencies exist and derived lessons from them to help trigger policy action – as captured in the policy report ‘Towards sustainable cancer care: Reducing inefficiencies, improving outcomes.’ To gain a broader and more descriptive understanding of which specific areas of cancer treatment do not correspond well with patients’ needs, ECPC supported the development and undertaking of the All.Can Patient Survey in 2018. The Patient Survey is a hallmark of the initiative’s evidence-based approach to providing solutions. Just one example of the survey results is how nearly a third of respondents (32%) reported that their cancer was initially diagnosed as something different.

Being able to accurately describe these inefficiencies from a patient perspective is essential because it allows national governments to readily represent the patient experience in resource allocation decisions on cancer care alongside economic and clinical data.

The recently launched All.Can Efficiency Hub is a resource of best practice in cancer care from around the world that creates a learning community around efficient practices and helps organisations find and implement potential solutions to common issues. Waste in cancer care is not just about money, it’s also about time, quality of life and missed opportunities for patients and their families. As part of All.Can, ECPC works to reduce waste and put patients at the very core of healthcare delivery across the entire cancer care pathway.