Part of our mission is to provide our members with key information and guidance on the latest developments and resources in cancer care for patients. We have developed crucial information sources, alongside partners, covering a range of topics highly relevant to cancer patients, medical professionals, patient organisations and carers.

Through highlighting key characteristic and challenges faced, we aim to provide reliable guidelines, platforms, resources and facts. The aim? To empower you through knowledge.



The Immuno-oncology Portal (IOP)

Learn about immunotherapy and where treatments are available and reimbursed

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Biosimilars E-module

Teaching patients about the value of biosimilar medicines

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What should I ask my doctor and why?

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Bone Health

Cancer and bone health and the International Osteoporosis Foundation Global Patient Charter ‘Taking action for a world without fragility fractures’

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Clinical Trials Database

ECPC is delighted to present you with Trials4Me, a web application created by Lilly COI.

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ESMO Cancer Patient Guides

The Guides for Patients are designed to assist patients, their relatives and caregivers in better understanding the nature of different types of cancer and evaluating the best available treatment choices.

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Nutrition Booklet

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Personalised Medicine

Educating and empowering patients and caregivers around the potential and availability of molecular testing

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Merkel Cell Carcinoma

What is Merkel Cell Carcinoma and what are the causes?

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Cancer Associated Thrombosis (CAT)

Be clot conscious

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Health Technology Assessment E-Module

Patient organisations have a role to play in improving access to innovative treatments in their country

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Social Media Manual, Cancer Advocacy Academy

Social media can significantly help cancer organisations and patients to spread awareness and crucial information to those who need it. Our manual can help guide you through taking steps into the online world.

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