Why it matters for patients

This campaign, an initiative coming from patients themselves, is designed to tell people about bladder cancer. Despite being the fifth most common cancer in Europe, only 1% of money spent on cancer research is spent on bladder cancer, and this needs to change. Bladder cancer can often be overlooked by patients and General Practitioners due to symptoms often being associated with less serious, more common issues such as urinary infections, back pain and needing to urinate frequently, amongst others. We must not let it become the ‘forgotten cancer’. It can affect everyone, men, women and children, and with 150 000 new cases each year in Europe it is the only top 10 cancer whose prognosis is getting worse. The stage of the diagnosis is crucial because early diagnosis is the biggest difference in beating this cancer!

What ECPC adds

ECPC organises an awareness month each year to remember the people affected by bladder cancer and those who have died from the illness. This year, we are again proudly joining the campaign of our member organisation the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition. We aim to highlight the facts, promote awareness of the symptoms and call for more investment in research.

Through a range of tools developed, including a social media kit including the branded picture frame, and infographics, patient organisations and individuals can get involved and do their bit for bladder cancer in their own way. We welcome everyone to join us in our activities and help us make the voice of bladder cancer patients heard!


European Cancer Patient Coalition activities on Bladder Cancer are supported by: