RIA (Research and Innovation Action)

TIGER is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 945011

February 2021 – July 2026 (56 months)



Saga Diagnostics Ab (Saga), Sweden

Stichting Vumc (Vumc), Netherlands

Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc (Cusl), Belgium

European Cancer Patient Coalition (Ecpc), Belgium

Oncoradiomics (Oncoradiomics), Belgium

Ceratium Bv (Cerat), Netherlands

Patergrus Bvba (Patergrus), Belgium

Why it matters

TIGER delivers proof of principle (PoP) in humans for a novel best-in-class mRNA cancer vaccine platform optimized for intravenous (IV) administration, with the aim to show major clinical efficacy. The antigens used for the PoP consists of mRNAs encoding the proteins E6 and E7 of Human Papilloma Virus strain 16 (HPV16), and TriMix mRNAs that stimulate dendritic cells to start strong T cell responses. The mRNAs will be formulated in a novel patented lipid nanoparticle format shielding the mRNA, and delivering it to immunoactive antigen presenting cells, vastly enhancing T-cell response. Safety and best-in-class efficacy of our IV mRNA product have been demonstrated in rodent experiments. Furthermore, preclinical to clinical translation has been shown for our TriMix based vaccines using different delivery strategies. Based on the preclinical and prior clinical data, our platform has the potential to cure cancer patients. The PoP study will be in patients with recurrent HPV16 positive cancer, which is categorised as a non-communicable disease by the WHO, without and with a PD-1 checkpoint inhibitor. Safety, immunogenicity and clinical benefit will be key endpoints of the study. Biomarker and PROM research will allow future informed therapeutic and care decisions by both patient and care team. Recruitment and stratification plans will be in place. Interactions with regulatory, reimbursement and ethical authorities together with patients and carers will help laying out the route to the patient not only for our product but also for all other mRNA cancer vaccines. Additionally, the project encompasses all essential elements for preparing therapy validation in later stage clinical studies, while adressing patient needs, values and choices. Upscaling mRNA vaccine GMP-production will enable these further clinical studies. Once validated, our platform will be easily translatable to a wide range of cancers using other tumour antigens, be they TAAs or neoantigens.

What ECPC does

ECPC is involved in the regulatory and ethical management, Patient Reported Outcome Measures and market access strategy making sure that the patient voices are being represented and incorporated. We are responsible for communication, dissemination and exploitation of the project and its results.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation
programme under grant agreement No 945011