After 3 years of hard work and important successes, RARECAREnet project will come to an end in October 2015.

ECPC’s last set of deliverables for the project includes the organization of three meetings to present the results of the RARECAREnet High Resolution studies, aiming to develop qualification criteria for centres of expertise for rare cancers.

For this purpose, ECPC and the Project Coordinators selected three countries which provide different models of existing healthcare systems in Europe:

  • Bulgaria, as a low income Member State;
  • Slovenia as a small-sized Member State;
  • Belgium as representative of insurance-based healthcare systems.

The main objectives of these meetings are to understand the state of art of rare cancer activities in each country and to have a discussion on the quality of care for rare cancers and the best model to ensure that quality is optimal (centralisation, reference networks, referral to another country).

Dates and locations of the meetings will be soon published on our dedicated RARECAREnet webpage.

ECPC will invite key stakeholders within specific countries including: clinical experts, patients, healthcare planners, members of the ministry of health. If you are interested in joining the discussion and take part to one of the meetings, please contact ECPC Project Officer Kalliopi Christoforidi at Kalliopi.christoforidi@ecpc.org/.