Rare Cancers Europe (RCE) is organizing a one-day course for patient advocates aiming at explaining in a simpler and more understandable language THE METHODOLOGY OF CLINICAL TRIALS IN RARE CANCERS based on the consensus paper published in Annals of Oncology “RCE Methodological recommendations for clinical studies in rare cancers” (Ann Oncol 2015;26:300). The goal is to inform and educate patient advocates about the Rare Cancers Europe recommendations, improve the awareness around the related challenges, and hopefully find a fertile ground for implementation at a national level.

The course will take place on the 20th July 2015 at the University of Milan.

The meeting envisages the participation of approximately 100 patient advocates with strong interest in rare cancers and a limited number of travel grants will be available.

For additional information and if you are interested to participate please contact ECPC at the email address Kalliopi.christoforidi@ecpc.org/.