Brief news about and for partners:

  • Erasmus will start to include patients in the  trail.
  • The clinical trial Germany (EC Dresden) has been re-submitted. ​
  • The clinical trial Italy (EC Rome) has been re-submitted.
  • As a reminder – which patients can be included in the trial ?
    • NSCLC with less than 10 metastasis, maximum of 2 brain metastasis 1st, 2nd or 3rd line
    • There is no need of ‘evaluable lesion’

t-PDA (trial patient aid)
The tPDA has been conditionally validated by a Ethical Committee and it will soon be able to be accessed by patients.

The ImmunoSABR trial team continues to work with the young Belgian start-up, MedC2, to develop an app for potential participants. This trial Patient Decision Aid will support patients in taking an active part in discussion with their doctor about their participation in the ImmunoSABR trial.

Publications ​
We published our triple therapy in preclinical models

  • Veronica Olivo Pimentel # 1 , Damiënne Marcus # 1 , Alexander Ma van der Wiel 1 , Natasja G Lieuwes 1 , Rianne Biemans 1 , Relinde Iy Lieverse 1 , Dario Neri 2 , Jan Theys 1 , Ala Yaromina 1 , Ludwig J Dubois 3, Philippe Lambin 1

Releasing the brakes of tumor immunity with anti-PD-L1 and pushing its accelerator with L19-IL2 cures poorly immunogenic tumors when combined with radiotherapy. J Immunother Cancer . 2021 Mar;9(3):e001764.  doi: 10.1136/jitc-2020-001764.

Number of Patients Enrolled on the Clinical Trial: 29

  • MUMC+ ​Maastricht   + 9
  • NKI AVL Amsterdam + 7
  • UZ​ Leuven + 6
  • UZ Ghe​nt + 3
  • Centre Oscar Lambret Lille + 2
  • GZA Ziekenhuizen campus Sint-Augustinus Antwerp + 2


The European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC)  continue to promote and communicate the ImmunoSABR trial through its own network and are assisting with the communication towards the general public. ECPC is providing a platform for discussion with patients regarding the clinical trial and are presently promoting this through social media channels. Please visit our platforms and read current interviews and information on the trial’s progress: