ECPC Vice President, Kathi Apostolidis, has been invited to present at an awareness and educational event on the occasion of the First World Day of Pancreatic Cancer in Athens on Monday, November 24 that will be held at the Benaki Museum in Athens from 12.00-14.00p.m.

The event aiming to inform health reporters about pancreatic cancer, that will kick-off a pancreatic cancer awareness campaign in Greece, is organized by the Pancreatic Cancer Working Group of the Hellenic Gastro-Intestinal Cancer Study Group (GIC-SG) and ECPC member, The Association of Cancer Patients, Volunteers, Friends and Physicians – K.E.F.I.

The invited speakers are:

Dr. Christos Dervenis, Director of the Surgery Dept. of the Aghia Olga Hospital/Athens
Dr. John Boukovinas, Oncologist, Scientific Director of the Oncology Clinic of BioClinic Hospital/Thessaloniki
Zoe Grammatoglou, President K.E.F.I.
Kathi Apostolidis, President, DE.DI.DI.KA. Intergroup Committee for Cancer Patient Rights/Greece – Vice President of ECPC
Kyriakos Berberian, Head of Market Access & Governmental Affairs GENESIS Pharma/Greece

The speakers will present key facts and patient needs about pancreatic cancer, answer questions and will present the content, scope and key actors of the campaign on pancreatic cancer that will start soon in Greece.

For more information about the event, you may contact Ms. Irene Koutela, Director KEFI at ikoutela@gmail.gr or +30 210 64 68 222