Polish cancer patient organizations are currently working on developing a “Citizens’ Partnership on Cancer“. The main goal of this project is to solve the urgent problems of Polish oncology, which patients cannot longer accept. The Polish Partnership is a strong opposition to the proposed amendment of the Reimbursement Act proposed by the Polish Ministry of Health. The Partnership is going to develop a civic formulation of the National Programme for Fighting Cancer.

ECPC believes that front line cancer care for patients and moreover for cancer survivors is steadily deteriorating in the member states most hit by the financial crisis while in other member states the spending cuts in health care affect substantially the cancer and social care services. ECPC has been advocating for years to safeguard access of socially vulnerable populations groups to cancer care.

We are proud that one of our most important member organization is dealing with a crucial aspect that we hope to discuss soon in Brussels.

ECPC was therefore pleased to take the Honorary Patronage of this Partnership.

This project is an initiative of “Win Health” Foundation, established by Szymon Chrostowski, a patient and a well-known Polish patients’ advocate.