TeamECPC is always up for a sporting challenge and promoting our passion for an active and healthy lifestyle.

So we are delighted to announce that the ECPC is taking over the patronage of a unique project organized by ECPC Polish member “Defeat Cancer” Foundation.

The goal of “The Peaks of Life” is to summit the highest mountains on the seven continents! With the inspiring motto “Conquering heights together to beat cancer”, the project aims to show that both cancer patients and survivors can fight the disease and overcome their weaknesses. Besides reaching the most impressive mountain peaks, this initiative aims to be inspirational for all those with a cancer experience.

The project does not yet have its own website. However, all trips are described in the “Projekty” subpage on the Foundation website: http://www.pokonajraka.com/

The ECPC is honoured to be part of such a spectacular and meaningful challenge. We encourage our members to either join the project or share it on their media channels in order to help our Polish friends boost the visibility of this initiative and reach out to as many people as possible.