Last year ECPC sent out an extensive survey on nutrition and its importance on the treatment and life of cancer patients. The results were presented during the ECPC AGM 2015 in Brussels.

Click here for the presentation of Prof. Muscaritoli during the AGM.

A new ameliorated survey

Learning from our experience, this year we would like to continue our efforts with a second round of the survey in order to have enough data and maximise the impact of the answers received. The new ameliorated version has been adapted in order to directly address individual cancer patients and cancer survivors.

Following the second round of questions, ECPC will have collected significant results in order to write a paper on nutrition based on empirical data and further confirm the information collected from the first survey. The paper will provide a solid basis for the development of patient friendly information materials on nutrition.


The present survey has the objective of:

• Measuring the awareness rate of oncologic patients about the importance of nutrition during oncologic therapy.

• Discovering from the patients’ answers, if and how much nutritional problems during and after oncologic therapy are perceived to be important by the physician.

Results will help to understand what is the necessary effort required from associations and health institutions to fill in any information / training deficiencies and to meet the welfare needs in nutrition which are still largely submerged by indifference and misinformation.

We need your help!

Are you a cancer patient or a cancer survivor? Please take 10 minutes to answer the questionnaire in one of the following languages*:












* For analysis purposes breast and brain cancer patients are kindly asked not to take part

For questions please email our Projects Coordinator, Kalliopi Christoforidi at kalliopi.christoforidi@ecpc.org/