The official launch and first meeting of the Expert Group will take place in Milan on Sept. 23 and 24, and will coincide with the Informal Meeting of the Health Ministers under the Italian EU Presidency.

The Expert Group was established to respond to the need for improved coordination among member states on cancer …control. The Expert Group will have an advisory role and will assist the Commission with the preparation of legal and policy documents, guidelines and recommendations on cancer control, guidelines on cancer data including epidemiology, cancer screening, quality assurance and information on cancer prevention, clinical cancer research, as well as for cross-cutting themes related to cancer.

Moreover, the expert group is expected to facilitate coordination and exchange of information between EU member states and advise the Commission in the implementation of Union actions and improvement suggestions for the measures taken.

The members of the expert group are representatives of the member states, representatives of three patient organisations, two European cancer prevention organisations, two European professional/ scientific organisations, one industry, one IARC representative.