It is central to ECPC’s mission to undertake projects that bring significant value to our members and provide meaningful support to cancer patients across Europe. We have benefited from funding from a number of pharmaceutical companies, however all funding is subject to our clear, transparent funding policy. ECPC does not undertake any promotional activity for third parties or take any action that is not in the interest of patients.

The principles that govern our funding policy are:

Independence: we remain the independent voice of cancer patients; we avoid being dependent on one company or one public organization for income;

Transparency: we sign an agreement with every funder, stating the amount and the purpose of the funding and we acknowledge our funders on our website and in our work. Once the project is concluded the funders are also informed on the results achieved with their support;

Unconditionality: we only accept funding that does not require conditions of acceptance and that contributes to fulfilling ECPC’s mission;

Mutual respect: we view and respect our funders as “partners in healthcare”;

Sustainability: we expect that funding received allows us to carry out our work and projects, and that it assures the sustainability of our organization.

ECPC Independent Expert Groups

All ECPC materials are produced in close partnership with committed researchers, healthcare professionals and other European and national health non-profit organisations. Before embarking on a new topic, ECPC establishes an expert group with the most relevant stakeholders in the field and all materials are produced with input and revision from all members of the group while the final version is reviewed by ECPC, with editorial control resting solely with the members of the group. Some recent examples: the Immuno-Oncology Expert Group that provided input for the development of the modules of the on-line Immuno-Oncology Portal and the editorial Board of the Europe of Disparities Paper. When appropriate, industry funders are members of that group, and as such contribute to the editorial process. ECPC maintains full editorial control over all of its outputs although funders are granted a courtesy review (without the right of veto).

ECPC is also among the organisations endorsing this Code of Practice.

Content last updated in August 2016.