ECPC is the largest European cancer patients' umbrella organisation 

The European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC) is the voice of cancer patients in Europe. With over 400 members, ECPC is Europe’s largest umbrella cancer patients’ association, covering all 28 EU member states and many other European and non-European countries. ECPC represents patients affected by all types of cancers, from the rarest to the most common.

ECPC's Funding

The European Cancer Patient Coalition believes in the value of multidisciplinarity, and recognises the need for informed scientifically correct policy action. Our policy initiatives enjoy the scientific expertise gained through participation in several key EU funded projects and built on mutual collaboration of Institutional Partners and active Members. 


ECPC is one of the few cancer patients organisation actively involved in the design and implementation of EU funded research projects, among other ongoing activities. The European Cancer Patient Coalition participates in several European Union's Research and Innovation framework programmes: this includes IMI 1 projects, the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), and IMI 2 projects under the current Horizon 2020 (H2020).


It is central to ECPC’s mission to undertake projects that bring significant value to our members and provide meaningful support to cancer patients across Europe. The European Cancer Patient Coaliton is a patient-driven non-profit organisation, very careful about maintaining its independence and making choices based on patients’ needs and perspectives. ECPC does not undertake any promotional activity for third parties or take any action that is not in the interest of patients.


ECPC welcomes  funding from companies as long as the relationships between ECPC and the commercial companies are based on the following principles:

Independence: ECPC is the independent voice of cancer patients devoid of any for-profit activites.

Transparency: ECPC believes it is important to establish and maintain accountable and transparent relationships with commercial companies in order to enhance communication between the patients, whose interests ECPC represents, and the companies, whose decisions will affect the provision of health services.

Unconditionality: relationships with commercial companies is based on mutual respect while preserving ECPC's independence and integrity. Any funding from companies must be committed to the benefit of the cancer patients ECPC represents, must not entail adverse publicity, and can in no way influence ECPC's policy, positions or decisions, whether explicitly or implicitly.

Mutual respect: ECPC  views funders as “partners in healthcare” encouraging active partnership between patient and health professionals.

Sustainability: ECPC expects that funding received allows us to carry out our work and projects, and that it assures the sustainability of our organization.

ECPC's Expert Groups

All ECPC materials are produced in close partnership with committed researchers, healthcare professionals and other European and national health non-profit organisations. Before embarking on a new topic, the European Cancer Patient Coalition establishes an expert group with the most relevant stakeholders in the field and all materials are produced with input and revision from all members of the group while the final version is reviewed by ECPC, with editorial control resting solely with the members of the group. The Immuno-Oncology Expert Group provideds input for the development of the modules of the on-line Immuno-Oncology Portal and the editorial Board of the Europe of Disparities Paper. When appropriate, industry funders are members of that group, and as such contribute to the editorial process. ECPC maintains full editorial control over all of its outputs although funders are granted a courtesy review (without the right of veto).

The European Cancer Patient Coalition's Code of Practice