The Spanish Breast Cancer Federation (Federación Española de Cáncer de Mama, FECMA) and the affiliated Associations celebrate 19th October as the International Day Against Breast Cancer and they have published this manifesto.

We are now facing difficulties due to the COVID19 pandemic and FECMA believes that the health system will resume its habitual activities, despite being aware that this will involve further strain on our healthcare professionals, our hospitals, and our health centres. The answer will not be easy to find, but without more staff and a higher budget there is no possible solution.

FECMA joins the call to comply with the regulations established by our health authorities as long as the Covid19 pandemic lasts with the aim of protecting the health of our citizens as a whole.

There are working women with breast cancer who are having problems keeping up with their work or professional responsibilities, which leads to dismissals, voluntary redundancies, or difficulties regarding their professional promotion. Their return to employment represents a moment of reflection on the road to recovery of oncological patients.
The tackling of cancer should have a multi-sector or inter-sector dimension because we are being faced with a health problem which also has a social dimension, which must be addressed by the public administrations.

We are aware that it will be research and innovation which will make it possible to eradicate metastatic breast cancer or at least control it.

Patients have a right to palliative care which must be part of their care as a whole.

Today, on International Breast Cancer Day, there is a need to call for the assessment of the associative movement of women as a social agent, the active collaboration of which may help to overcome the current social, sanitary, educational, and economic crisis with ideas, activities, and commitment.