The White Paper ‘Digital Medication Management in Healthcare Settings: an opportunity for the European Union’ that the European Cancer Patient Coalition co-authored with the European Health Management Association, is now available online.

It outlines the Alliance for the Digitalisation of Medication Management in European Hospitals’ calls for action, providing examples from across of the European Union of digitalisation of the pathway. The Calls for actions include:

  • Implement digital systems in hospitals for the effective employment of the European Shortages Monitoring Platform.
  • Enhance patient safety and hospitals’ pharmaceutical systems resilience by digitalising hospital´s medication management pathways.
  • Support hospitals to scale up and update their IT infrastructure.
  • Provide sustained funding to scale up digital medication management.
  • Develop healthcare professionals’ digital skills and provide trained experts to support change management in hospitals.
  • Standardise and include medication treatment data from ambulatory care and hospitals in the European Health Data Space.

You can read the complete article here: