ECPC supports translation and printing of a book for children – “What’s happening to my mummy?”

Ivna Maluly is 39 and is a breast cancer survivor. For a few years now she lives in Brussels but she used to be a journalist in Brazil. She contacted ECPC last year, presenting her script for a book for children written in Portuguese and we agreed right away to help her with the translation and printing of the book in English and French. Her book tells the story of a mother (true story of Ivna) who loses her breast and has to explain what is happening to her son Elias, three and a half years old.


The reader will discover a gripping tale accompanied by amazing graphics, a true example of overcoming a great challenge and the touching love between mother and child.

We believe these stories to be so important. Beyond the science and statistics about cancer lie such true stories of mums that need to reassure their children with lots of love, calm and normalcy and having the courage to be honest and pronounce the word cancer.

The book will be launched during ECPC General Assembly in June.