Date: June 9        Time: 11-12pm


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The growing number of cancer survivors in Europe is a tribute to the success of advances in diagnosis and treatment. The latest scientific research and data accounts for over 12 million cancer survivors in Europe and, for many, it then becomes necessary to overcome the psychological impact of their treatments, workplace marginalisation and access to financial services such as mortgages and loans.

On 9 June at 11 – 12pm, in line with the United States’ Cancer Survivors Day, the European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC) will be organising an online event entitled “There is Life after Cancer: Putting an end to the discrimination” which will seek to raise awareness of the various issues affecting the lives of patients’ after cancer by stressing the importance of a European approach to cancer survivorship care as a key strategy to promote equal access and non-discrimination as well as long-term follow up for healthcare matters and social inclusion.

This event will also be an opportunity for our attendees to highlight the issues concerning the medical, psychological, social and financial aspects of life after cancer, promoting a debate for a multidisciplinary approach among representatives of the EU institutions, policy makers, medical doctors, cancer survivors, and all stakeholders, including family members and employers.

The online event will have a special focus on the ECPC’s project on the “Right to be Forgotten for Cancer Survivors”.

This specific project has been named as one of the European Commission’s priorities in the Beating Cancer Plan and is operating under the supervision of Dr. Françoise Meunier, a member of the ECPC’s Scientific Committee and the Chair of the Cancer Survivorship Committee of the European Academy of Cancer Sciences (EACS).

Thanks to medicine’s tremendous progress, cancer is no longer a death sentence. It is the duty of European stakeholders to ensure that cancer patients never again have to pay twice for their disease.

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The participants of the event include: