Improving the life of cancer patients is one of ECPC’s goals and raising awareness among stakeholders is crucial. On the 24th of December, ECPC participated in the webinar ‘Quality of Life in cancer care: do we care enough?’ in which different cancer advocates and stakeholders shared its opinion regarding cancer survivors’ rights.

In cancer care, quality of life is an essential dimension for patients. As Charis Girvalaki (ECPC), argued: ‘Although great efforts have been taken during the past years to include patients’ preferences with regards to their quality of life as an important factor, there are important steps that need to be taken and Quality of Life should be on the spotlight. ECPC strongly recommends that this effort should be intensified in the future’.

The webinar was a good chance to listen to different voices and discuss how cancer patients’ needs are met as well as the future perspective. Some of the topics discussed during the interesting discussion were:

  • How Quality of Life is defined
  • The importance of Quality of Life in cancer care
  • Existing solutions to improve patients’ Quality of Life
  • The challenges for the future to care even more!

The webinar was moderated by Dr Volker BISCHOFF (Alcimed) and the speakers that participated in the webinar were:

  • Katja CRAMER, Head of Patient Affairs, Janssen Germany
  • Cathy TRAZ, Head of Global Advocacy, Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Dr Charis GIRVALAKI, EU Affairs Manager, European Cancer Patient Coalition
  • Alexia CASSAR, Nipple Tattoo Artist, The Tétons Tattoo Shop


Did you miss the webinar? Click here to watch it!