Last Tuesday, 13th October 2020 we hosted the online webinar “Biosimilars Explained: What Patients Need To Know”.

Antonella Cardone, director of ECPC, presented our e-learning module on biosimilars, and Arnold G. Vulto, Em. Professor of Hospital Pharmacy & Practical Therapeutics at Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam, gave an insightful speech on the advantages on the use of biosimilars and their efficiency as well as an explanation of what these medicines are.

The online event put the main focus on biosimilars and its potential to increase access to treatments. In case you missed our webinar in English, here you have the recording.

On Wednesday 4th November at 18:00 CET we will host another webinar on biosimilars in Spanish.

Our e-learning module, which has been developed together with ecancer and can be found in different languages, provides key information and practical advice to support patients in making informed decisions for their treatment.