ECPC welcomes to its family a new member from Bulgaria! VIOM (ВИОМ) is a nonprofit organisation whose mission is to support patients suffering from thyroid diseases (especially thyroid cancer) and their families. VIOM was founded in 2012 in Sofia, Bulgaria as an open organisation and tries to help as many patients as possible.

The main goals of the organisation are:

  • to provide patient oriented information for thyroid diseases and especially for thyroid cancer
  • to improve the contact between physicians and patients – which is a serious problem in Bulgaria
  • to ameliorate the communication and exchange of experience between patients
  • to support patients and their families to overcome the consequences of the disease
  • to increase society’s awareness of thyroid diseases
  • to work together with communities in order to improve the quality of diagnostics, prevention, treatment, and follow up for patients suffering from thyroid diseases

In order to provide patient oriented information, VIOM has developed a website with detailed information on thyroid diseases. It also includes a map of specialised medical centers, hospitals and contacts of endocrinologists.

We invite you to find out more about their incredible work by visiting their website at the following link: www.thyroidbg.com

Furthermore VIOM has published a book for thyroid cancer, organises free screening examinations, and takes part in different national and international initiatives. The organisation has established good relationships with European specialists in the field of thyroid cancer and organizes consultations with them for complicated cases.

At national level VIOM is in the process of organising a support and treatment center for patients with thyroid cancer. VIOM maintains a register with people who support its vision and mission.

ECPC is looking forward to working together with VIOM on thyroid cancer!