ECPC is an active partner in the EurocanPlatform. As part of the project ECPC, together with two member organisations (K.E.F.I. from Greece and the NFK from the Netherlands), organised a roundtable filmed meeting during the European Cancer Congress 2013 in Amsterdam.

During the filmed discussion, ECPC talked about the importance of biomarkers in cancer research, the new molecular risk factors that could help the early detection of high risk patients and the selection of the most suitable treatment for each patient.

Prof. De Lorenzo insisted on the importance of disseminating this information to patients in order to achieve a better disease outcome.

Kathi Apostolidis gave ECPC perspective on the topic of Biobanking and quality assessment accreditation and the two member organisations shared their experience with regard to patients’ educational needs for the above points and the strategies employed in reaching cancer patients.

You can watch the entire debate here.