Towards sustainable cancer care: Reducing inefficiencies, improving outcomes

A policy report from the All.Can initiative

January 2017

A new report has been published by the All.Can group looking at the need to improve efficiency in cancer care by focusing on patient outcomes.

The All.Can initiative was set up to engage policymakers on the need to improve the efficiency of cancer care, focusing on better outcomes for patients – and to try to identify ways to optimise the use of resources in cancer care.

The report brings together powerful examples across all aspects of cancer care where there is opportunity for greater efficiency – and a more patient-focused approach. It concludes with a call to action to policymakers to focus political will and take a long-term, holistic view of cancer care, invest in data and instil appropriate mechanisms across all aspects of cancer care planning, delivery and evaluation to ensure that efforts are always focused on measurable patient outcomes.

ECPC President,Francesco De Lorenzo, and ECPC Head of EU Affairs, Francesco Florindi, are the members of All.Can initiative, representing leading cancer experts from the patient advocacy, medical, academic and industry spheres.

The initiative is funded by Bristol-Myers Squibb, MSD and Amgen.

View and download report here

Find out more at: www.all-can.org