ECPC is excited to welcome three new full members in our community namely “HEALTH FOR THE COMMUNITY” from Romania, “WEST CLARE CANCER CENTRE” from Ireland and “VIVRE SANS THYROÏDE” (“Living without a thyroid gland”) from France.

HEALTH FOR THE COMMUNITY” strives continuously to promote innovative cancer education and provide support to young people. Focusing on community health delivery systems and health information systems, the organization has been active within the projects of ECPC long before joining as a full ECPC member. Since 2015 it has been running the ECPC MAKE SENSE Campaign in Romania (Bucharest) with great results, succeeding to involve 6 clinics and dental cabinets for free consultations during the campaign. The campaign will be pursued in 2016 in 4 other major Romanian cities. Besides being one of the most active members involved in ECPC projects, at a local level, HEALTH FOR THE COMMUNITY aims to change young people’s perception with regards to cancer stigma, reduce the long waiting times of access to basic health services and improve health literacy.

WEST CLARE CANCER CENTRE” is a non-profit organization founded in 1998 in order to support cancer patients living in West Clare. Their inaugural event, a sponsored walk, was such a resounding success that soon after it became a local landmark event known as ‘The West Clare Mini Marathon’. The association is based on a passionate team of indomitable human spirit, a community that works together towards a common goal, united against a common enemy. Apart from organizing sports events, West Clare Cancer Centre provides various services and support for patients and their families, such as professional counseling, transport to the treatment centers, provision of palliative aids for patients’ home use, night nurse services and complementary therapies. Find out more at: www.westclareminimarathon.ie.

VIVRE SANS THYROÏDE“ is a non-profit organization created in 2000 in order to support patients who suffer from thyroid cancer. The association is run only by volunteer patients and constitutes one of the first French online patient communities. Its website gathers patients from all around the world and was created with the aim to provide patients and their families with understandable information and much needed guidance. The website is also a much needed exchange platform. Small, but full of tremendous energy, the local team focuses its daily activities on increasing awareness about thyroid disease and cancer and strongly advocates for patients and their interests. They believe that communicating via internet facilitates fellow patients to come together regardless of the distance. Although this is a virtual platform, the community manages to provide a significant support and create a true spirit of solidarity. Find out more at: http://www.forum-thyroide.net.