The highly anticipated N.1 Edition of the OECL Magazine for 2023 has been released, featuring a significant contribution from the European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC). In an article titled “The Role of Cancer Patient Organizations in Comprehensive Cancer Centers” Kathi Apostolidis, ECPC Past President – Chair of the Scientific Committee, and Francesco De Lorenzo, ECPC President, delve into a topic of immense importance in the field of oncology.

When the Organization of European Cancer Institutes (OECI) approached the ECPC to contribute to their first 2023 issue of the Magazine, it was evident that the focus should be on the crucial role of patients and cancer patient organizations in Comprehensive Cancer Centers (CCCs). The ECPC’s extensive involvement in EU-funded projects, which will shape the future of cancer care delivery within the European Union after 2025, made the topic selection a natural choice.

The partnership between the OECI and the ECPC has evolved and thrived over the years, leaving a remarkable legacy. The ECPC actively participated in the review of the Accreditation Manual of cancer centers in 2013 and has played a vital role in the accreditation procedures. Their collaboration with esteemed individuals such as Prof. Dominique de Valeriola and Dr. Patrick Miqueu, PhD, MA, has been instrumental in developing the concept of collaboration between cancer centers, patients, and patient organizations.

The collective efforts of the OECI and the ECPC have also contributed significantly to EU initiatives like the Cancer Mission and Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan. These collaborations reflect a strong foundation and a shared vision for enhancing cancer care and improving patient outcomes.

OECI and ECPC have started a new collaboration MoU, endorsed by Dr. Giovanni Apolone from the Organization of European Cancer Institutes (OECI) and Prof. Francesco de Lorenzo from the European Cancer Patient Coalition, integrating the essence of their work. It represents a powerful alliance with the common goal of advancing cancer care and placing patients at the forefront of the cancer journey.

To access the magazine and read the featured article, please follow this link.