In 2016 ECPC has been focusing on young people who have won their battle with cancer and can fully enjoy life again. These young people are facing a difficult social and financial situation. ECPC is helping these brave young hearts-in-need to believe that life can again be full of joy and interesting educational and professional opportunities. We were delighted that for the very first time, ECPC has been able to award scholarships to young cancer survivors in need of financial support to pursue their academic studies. Each scholarship is worth 1,500 EURO.

Each ECPC Member was entitled to propose one candidate. The nominated candidates provided us with a motivation letter, explaining their cancer journey and the most important learnings from this difficult experience. The young survivors were also asked to share their thoughts and intentions in relation to their future plans, i.e. studies, profession and ambitions. All of the stories were deeply moving and touched us to the very core. The motivation letters were reviewed by the ECPC Board, followed by the selection of the winners and the grand award ceremony during the ECPC General Assembly 2016.

As a reminder, below are the names of the scholarship winners – 6 youngsters with inspiring stories and a desire to live their life to the fullest:

1. Giulia Carvelli from Italy,nominated by Lung Cancer Europe. She had Hodgkin’s lymphoma stage four. Giulia is a student at the D.A.M.S. (Disciplines of Arts, Music and Entertainment), University of Turin. (scholarship offered by ECPC)

2. Synagridis Vasileios from Greece, nominated by KEFI. In 2010 he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (B-ALL). Currently attending the University of Piraeus, Department of Computer Science. (scholarship offered by Genomic Health)

3. Dominik Bartosik from Poland, nominated by Let’s Win Health Foundation. Dominik is a future student of Strzeminski Academy of Art in Lodz, Poland. (scholarship offered by the Brain Tumour Charity)

4. Robert Badiu from Romania, nominated by PAVEL. He is a student of Economic Engineering and Management in Brasov in Romania. He won the battle with Hodgkin’s lymphoma stage three. (scholarship offered via the courtesy of Andreea Antonovici who had been fundraising via participation in sports events)

5. Ionela Almajan from Romania, nominated by Give Life. Ionela is a student at Carol Davila Nursing College in Bucharest. She had Hodgkin’s lymphoma stage two – three. (scholarship offered by Pfizer Romania)

6. Merve Güney from Turkey, nominated by Pembe Hanim. Merve is a psychology student, diagnosed with leukemia when she was 16. (scholarship offered by ECPC)

We are very happy that we could make six beautiful faces smile and we will definitely continue our mission, hoping to be able to offer ten scholarships next year.