ECPC family has just grown with 6 new members. We are excited to welcome Zoé4life from Switzerland, Cancer patients support center “In the Name of Life” from Belarus, Association of Patients with Myeloprolipherative Neoplasms „MIELOPRO” from Romania, Cancer Survivors Association from Turkey, HungerNdThirst Foundation from Netherlands and The Derriford Hospital Head & Neck Cancer Support Group from United Kingdom.

Zoé4life, accepted as ECPC full members, is a Swiss non-profit organization supporting children with cancer, as well as their families. Every week, in Switzerland, a child dies from cancer, thus the mission of the association is to continue the battle against this horrible disease every day. In order to accomplish this goal, Zoé4life gets actively engaged in advancing research for childhood cancer, provides financial help to families in need, supports young patients during their treatments, as well as raises awareness about childhood cancer and advocates on behalf of parents and patients. The association has funded a sport therapy program for kids with cancer to help them overcome the treatment-related side effects and regain self-esteem, as well as implemented a subsidy program for families with a child in treatment, particularly for expenses not covered by insurance. The Zoé4life team deeply believes that each smallest gesture of support makes a significant difference.

Find out more at: www.zoe4life.org

Cancer patients support center “In the Name of Life”
, accepted as ECPC associate members, is also a non-profit organization dealing with all types of cancer. Activities developed:

  •       designing and implementing national programmes for fighting cancer;
  •         developing an efficient system of psychological and social support;
  •         fighting for labour reintegration of cancer patients and their relatives;
  •         providing assistance for support groups;
  •         awareness campaigns on healthy lifestyle and latest achievements in oncology;
  •         fighting to reduce the incidence of malignant neoplasms.

Find out more at: http://oncopatient.by

Association of Patients with Myeloprolipherative Neoplasms „MIELOPRO”
, accepted as ECPC full members, is a Romanian non-profit organization focusing its activities on Myeloprolipherative Neoplasms. The association is deeply committed to serve patients and their families with any assistance they might need during and after treatment, as well as strongly promote and advocate for their main interests. The “MIELOPRO” team provides patients and their relatives with medical education and represents them in the relations with health authorities and policy-makers to ensure quick access to the most efficient treatments.

Find out more at: http://www.mielopro.ro

Cancer Survivors Association (Kanser Savaşçilari Deneği)
, accepted as ECPC associate members, is a non-profit initiative that relies on the contribution of volunteers and runs activities in areas of education, awareness and psychological support. Just a few examples of their amazing work:

  •         building playrooms for the pediatric oncology wings of underprivileged hospitals;
  •         providing psychological counseling;
  •         in 2016 the Turkish association translated and successfully launched in Turkey ECPC Paper on Bladder Cancer.

The motto of Cancer Survivors Association is: “All for one!”

Find out more at: http://www.kansersavascilari.org

HungerNdThirst Foundation
, accepted as ECPC full members, is a non-profit organization which helps patients and caregivers with free private social, mental and practical support through a unique mentor matching system that enables properly chosen, personal therapy. The association also provides physical therapy sessions for cancer, Alzheimer, Parkinson’s and Rheumatoid Arthritis patients, as well as practical support for those suffering from taste distortion caused by cancer and/or chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Such support is provided, among others, through research collaboration with Wageningen University and Research Center.

Find out more at: https://hungerndthirst.org

The Derriford Hospital Head & Neck Cancer Support Group
, accepted as ECPC full members, was primarily formed to promote the rehabilitation of head & neck cancer patients in the Derriford Hospital catchment area. In the meanwhile, they grew and are currently focusing on several topics:

  •         provide patients and their relatives with a day to day psychological support;
  •         raise funds to enhance the rehabilitation process;
  •         assist in research and other projects that are considered beneficial to the members;
  •         promote public understanding and appreciation of the needs of patients who have undergone head & neck cancer surgery, as well as their carers and families.

We look forward to their contribution within the MAKE SENSE Campaign.

Find out more at: https://www.facebook.com/The-Derriford-Hospital-Head-Neck-Cancer-Support-Group-567603296609479/?fref=ts