Nutritional screening can predict the probability of better or worse health outcomes. However, these outcomes may vary according to circumstances, e.g. age or type of illness. Screening should be mandatory and regularly performed as part of medical care. Try to take part in regular screening programmes.

Discover below the multiple types of nutritional screening tools:

Screening tool Method
Subjective Global Assessment (SGA) • Patient’s history (weight loss, change in dietary intake, gastrointestinal [GI] symptoms, functional capacity

• Physical examination (muscles, subcutaneous fat, edema, ascites)

• Clinicians overall subjective judgment

• good nutritional status – A

• moderate malnutrition – B

• severe malnutrition – C

Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST) • BMI scone

• Unplanned weight loss during last 3-6 months • Acute disease effect score

Nutritional Risk Screening (NRS) • BMI < 20,5

• Body weight loss during last 3 month

• Low dietary intake during last week

• Disease severity