Prof. Nora Kearney, Head of the School of Health & Social Care and Professor of Cancer Care, University of Surrey will co-chair a session on Clinical Trials at the Annual General Meeting of ECPC, that will take place in Brussels from June 19 to 21, 2015.

Prior to being appointed to the University of Surrey, Nora Kearney was Professor of Cancer Care and Dean of Research in the School of Nursing and Midwifery at the University of Dundee and the CRUK Dundee Cancer Centre where she leads research in cancer care. She was also an Honorary Clinical Professor with NHS Tayside and Director of the newly-established Research Centre for Inequalities at the University of Dundee.

Professor Kearney has a long clinical career in cancer nursing and earned an international reputation for cancer care research. She leads and collaborates on a number of multi-centre research projects in the areas of patient experience and symptom improvement and has led the innovative use of technology to provide supportive care to people with cancer.

Professor Kearney leads the EU funded innovative project eSMART in cancer supportive care, in which ECPC participates as co-researcher, offering the patient perspective in all aspects of the project. Prof. Kearney will present how mhealth and technology can complement cancer supportive care to help cancer patients manage their symptoms and feel safe and cared for even when away for their hospital or cancer care centre.