mHealth, which is the use of mobile devices (mobile phones, patient monitoring devices, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and other wireless devices) for medical and public health practice, can revolutionise the way we treat cancer and follow up patients.

Thanks to ECPC’s role in the EU-funded project eSMART, we are very aware of the potential of mHealth, but we are also conscious of the possible drawbacks of the use of these technologies. In particular, mHealth has still to demonstrate to cancer patients that the personal health data that can be collected through mHealth application is used in a transparent and safe way.

For this reason, ECPC welcomed the European Commission’s proposal to draw up an industry-led Code of Conduct on mobile health apps, covering the topics of privacy and security. The objective of this code is to foster citizens’ trust in mHealth apps, raise awareness of and facilitate compliance with EU data protection rules for app developers.

ECPC has analysed the Code and participated to the stakeholder meetings to share with the editors the position of cancer patients.

Click here to download the Draft Code

Click here to download ECPC position on the Privacy Code of Conduct mHealth apps

The Code fit within the legal framework of the General Data Protection Regulation.

For any comment or inquiry regarding ECPC’s stance on mHealth, please contact info@ecpc.org/.