European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Vytenis Andriukaitis supports the plea from ECPC for an increased harmonisation of the HTA process at European level


In a letter sent by Commissioner Andriukaitis at the occasion of ECPC’s Annual General Meeting held in Brussels from 3 to 5 June 2016, Commissioner Andriukaitis reiterated that “EU cooperation is of great importance to reduce duplication of efforts and ultimately ensure timely access to truly innovative treatments for patients”.

Commissioner Andriukaitis stressed the importance of the Joint Action, EUnetHTA3 (Wim Goettsch, the leader of the Joint Action, also took part to the ECPC AGM).

Finally, Andriukaitis demonstrated again to be willing and able to include the views of patients in the development of DG SANTE’s policies, and concluded the letter by saying that “any future discussions will need to take into account the issues raised in your letter. My services have therefore started a reflection process of the current situation on EU cooperation on HTA and the identification of possible policy options. As this work progresses, I will welcome the input of your organisation may have.”

The comments of Commissioner Andriukaitis will feed into the ongoing work of ECPC in the field of HTA and innovation. In Autumn 2016, ECPC will publish its latest position paper on the “Value of Innovation in Oncology”. The document, in process of being drafted in collaboration with Interel, will feature also experiences and direct input from the ECPC Membership. A first consultation among ECPC Members already took place on Saturday 4th June, during the ECPC AGM.

You can download a scan of the letter here.

BACKGROUND: The letter was a response to ECPC’s campaign to support increased harmonization on health technology assessment across Europe.

ECPC has supported EMA Director, prof Guido Rasi, as well as MEPs Gardini and Cirio, authors of the amendment to the Regulation 726/2004, that were finally adopted by the Parliament in March 2016, and that call for further integration of HTA systems in Europe.