In Paris on the 14th May, ECPC President Prof. De Lorenzo will participate to the kick off meeting of Work Package n. 8, one of the working packages of the CANCON Joint Action.

The European Guide on Quality Improvement in Comprehensive Cancer Control – CANCON is the second Joint Action launched by the European Commission to harmonise the way European Union Member States fight cancer.

In particular, Work Package 8, lead by the French National Cancer Institute, will focus on survivorship from cancer and rehabilitation of cancer patients. Work Package 8 will therefore develop an European organisational framework that will include a detailed list of recommendations to addess survivorshiip, rehabilitiation and palliative care.

ECPC, as the voice of all European Citizens affected by cancer, will actively participate to several work packages of CANCON, so to duly represent patients perspectives within one of the most important EU initiatives on cancer and ensuring that patients will remain at the center of Member States efforts against cancer.

In the past, ECPC took an active role also within the first Joint Action named European Partnership Action Against Cancer – EPAAC.