PIONEER is part of Big Data for Better Outcomes (BD4BO), funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 (IMI2) with the goal of providing evidence-based data for improving decision-making by key stakeholders. 

This survey will try to pinpoint, which questions are the most important for patients, as well as for healthcare professionals. The EAU Prostate Cancer Guideline Panel and other experts have identified 44 questions they believe are most important to be answered using Big Data. In addition, 12 additional questions were proposed by the respondents (which are relevant for patients with prostate cancer and answerable through BigData) during the first round of this survey. There are currently 56 viable questions. It is important that prioritisation exercise in undertaken to narrow down the number of questions that are regarded as top priority by all stakeholders. Some questions are followed by their PICO (PICO stands for Participants, Intervention, Compactor and Outcome) to make them more clear and/or brief explanation “How could Big Data” help us to answer that question. 

The Survey will be translated in several languages, for now only the English and Spanish version are available.

English:   Prioritisation of questions of most importance for patients and all other stakeholders

Spanish:  Priorización de preguntas de mayor importancia para pacientes y otras partes interesadas

German:  Work in progress

Italian:     Work in progress

French:    Work in progress

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We hope you will find this survey and information useful and will share it with everyone who might give their contribution or benefit from it.