To mark the 2nd Annual World Pancreatic Cancer Day on November 13th 2015, Pancreatic Cancer Europe (PCE), a European multi-stakeholder platform, met in the European Parliament on November 10th in Brussels in order to discuss about the achievement of the group since its creation in 2014.

PCE is composed of 40 national and EU experts (academics, patients, clinicians, researchers, industrials), and championed by 4 Members of the European Parliament and is committed to raising awareness around pancreatic cancer in view of improving standard of care, diagnosis and data collection for patients suffering from this deadly cancer across Europe. The major consensus of the Platform is to ensure that pancreatic cancer is no longer a “forgotten cancer” through the creation and distribution of informative material tailored to educate the public, medical professionals and policy makers.

In the one year since its foundation PCE has made significant advances: “10 key facts” and “10 warning signs of PC” informs the public about the basics of pancreatic cancer and the low lying symptoms to watch out for. “Think PC” is directed at healthcare professionals and in particular, GPs to watch out for combinations of symptoms that could indicate pancreatic cancer. The “PC Declaration” signed by Members of the European Parliament acts as a commitment to put pancreatic cancer on the political agenda, to create policies specific to the challenges posed by pancreatic cancer and to take concrete steps on the road to better care for patients.

The work has now begun on disseminating this material throughout the Member States and reaching people at national level through national allies/organisations and through the PCE website which acts a portal for those seeking more information on pancreatic cancer.

ECPC is chairing the work stream that coordinates and supports national activities as well as the uptake of the materials produced by Pancreatic Cancer Europe. With coordinated actions at national level designed to raise awareness and increase early diagnosis we want to ensure that pancreatic cancer is “forgotten no more”. 

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