ECPC would like to introduce you to its new member, the association ‘’PaLiNUro – Pazienti Liberi dalle Neoplasie Uroteliali’’ from Italy. With this latest addition ECPC is proud to have reached 350 members!

PaLiNUro supports patients suffering from cancer that arises from the lining of the bladder and the urinary tract.

Despite its relatively high frequency worldwide, bladder cancer is still facing the hurdles of an orphan disease under many perspectives namely with regards to research and information. The main objective of PaLiNUro is therefore to guide patients during every step of the disease (mainly when they are out of the hospital), providing them with clear and easy information on the best way to solve each specific issue they will encounter. PaLiNUro provides information on the course of the disease, including the side effects of the treatment, until the hoped time of healing.

The next goal of PaLiNUro is to be able to provide research support and enhance scientific cooperation.

Their efforts have the sole objective to tell patients: “You are not alone!’’.

We are glad to have them in the ECPC family!

Find out more by visiting their website: http://www.associazionepalinuro.com/