Our Board Member Andrew Winterbottom passed away

Friday 31 May 2019

“I am deeply saddened by the loss of our friend and Board Member, Andrew Winterbottom. He died on Friday 31 May of bowel cancer. He will be truly missed and will be remembered as an enthusiastic cancer fighter. Andrew founded the first British bladder cancer organisation – Fight Bladder Cancer – but his commitment and care for patients went far beyond a cancer type.

Andrew has been a very good friend, an excellent and generous patient advocate fully dedicated to help bladder cancer patients. For 6 years he has been a very active and intelligent board member, full of ideas for ECPC. We’ll never forget his tremendous and enthusiastic contribution to the growth of the activity and the prestige of the organization. I’ll miss him!”

Francesco de Lorenzo, ECPC President


“Painful loss for the advocacy community.”Jana Pelouchova, ECPC Board Member  Rest in peace Andrew, you left a strong legacy to your family, collaborators and all bladder cancer patients in UK and beyond. We will miss your wit and caring”.

Kathi Apostolidis, ECPC Vice-President


“I had the pleasure to meet Andrew at the launch of the World Bladder Cancer Coalition in Barcelona in March and what impressed me of him was his dedication to the Bladder Cancer community. My sympathy goes to Tracy his wife whom I met in this same occasion.”

Antonella Cardone, ECPC Director


“Andrew gave his heart and soul to patient advocacy. He was a fighter with strong visions and gentle spirit.”

Matti Järvinen, ECPC Board Member



“I am so sorry to hear that Andrew has passed away and my thoughts goes to his family. He was a very good friend, and he learned me a lot during my first year at ECPC together with Matti and Ken. I will miss him a lot. He always had something fun to tell and was happy even though he was sick.”

Maude Andersson, ECPC Board Member


“A great fighter  and a true patient  advocate.”

Ken Mastris, ECPC Board Member


“Our deepest sympathy goes to his wife Tracy and all of Andrew’s family. He will be profoundly missed by everyone who knew him. It is a huge achievement to have founded this charity for fellow patients. It has provided love, comfort, information and support to thousands of bladder cancer patients and their families. Our work at Flight Bladder Cancer in future will be his legacy. In March 2019 Andrew attended the inaugural meeting of the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition in Barcelona. It was the culmination of years of work by Andrew to create a global organisation. It is also poignant that he dies on the last day Bladder Cancer Awareness Month, which he started and saw develop into a global event.”

Lydia Makaroff, Fight Bladder Cancer Chief Executive


For more information about Andrew’s organisation, please see https://fightbladdercancer.co.uk/