The Annual General Meeting – AGM will be convened on June 25,2023 from 09:30am to 14:30pm (Renaissance Hotel – Brussels – Belgium). The registration will be open from 8.00 to 9.30am so that we can start without delays.

The AGM can be attended by both full and associate members duly represented by their legal representatives. Only the representatives of full members will have the right to vote.

Each ECPC member may be represented by another member providing them with a proxy (written or electronic) to vote on their behalf. Each member is limited to one representative at the General Assembly.

The General Assembly is chaired by the Board President. Board members have no voting rights at the General Assembly. The resolutions at the General Assembly are approved by a simple majority of the votes cast. A “majority” is more than half of the votes cast by the members with a right to vote, rounded if necessary.

A light farewell lunch will be offered at the end of AGM.

For any information you may need, please contact


1. Approval of the minutes of the previous General Assembly.
2. Approval of the Annual Report 2022
3. Approval of the Financial Report 2022
4. Approval of the ECPC’s annual accounts for the past financial year
5. The Statutory Auditors’ Report 2022
6. The Association’s Audit Committee Report 2022
7. The Association Scientific Committee’s Report
8. Approval of the 2024 Action Plan and Budget
9. Discharging the Board members
10. Statute Amendment to provisions of the Code of Companies and Associations


Annual Congress 2023

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