The European Cancer Patient Coalition is running a survey to get a better picture of the awareness on Cancer-Associated Thrombosis among people with cancer in Europe. Patients of 6 countries will be asked to give their opinion, including France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain and UK.

This study is set to be an important milestone in the understanding of what are the gaps in patients’ support and information and how they can be filled. In fact, Cancer-Associated Thrombosis (CAT) is the second deadliest complication for people living with cancer and yet, it remains scarcely reported and very often misdiagnosed. Be aware that up to 20% of cancer patients experience venous thrombosis, which is 4 to 5 times higher than in the general population.

The results of the survey, which are expected to arrive by this Autumn, will be a useful tool to inform policymakers on how to tackle this great problem that affects our friends.

The surveys have been realized in 6 different languages in order to best reach out to our friends living with cancer.
You can find them at the following links:

Deutsche Umfrage

Ελληνική Έρευνα

English Survey

Encuesta en Español

Étude Française

Sondaggio Italiano

Furthermore, we have created a general Info Pack which includes more detailed information on Cancer-Associated Thrombosis as a disease and on the questionnaire. In addition, you will find some ready-to-post Social Media material to help us disseminate the survey in your country.
Download the Info Packs at the following links!