Yesterday, The European Cancer Patient Coalition joined MEP Rory Palmer and 15 Members of the European Parliament from many different member states and political parties to launch the MEP Focus Group Dying to Work.

The initiative was inspired by the UK campaign of the same name, which follows cases where workers who have been given a terminally ill diagnosis have suffered because of a lack of workplace protections, putting at risk their financial security and identity at an extremely traumatic time. The new focus group will jointly work on bringing additional employment protections for terminally ill employees across Europe.

“Whether diagnosed with late-stage cancer, or entering palliative care after unresponsive treatment, no person living with cancer should face fear of losing their employment as a result.,” said the European Cancer Patient Coalition President Francesco De Lorenzo.

MEP Rory Palmer committed to “continue to work on the body of evidence of situation in different member states, to underpin the legislative work.” The campaign will encourage pan-European multinationals to sign-on the voluntary charter, committing to protect the rights of their terminally ill employees. “Until we change the law, voluntary charter will play a big role,” MEP Palmer added.

• You can follow the online conversation via hashtag #DyingToWorkEU

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