ECPC works for a Europe of equality, where all European cancer patients have timely and affordable access to the best treatment and care available, throughout their life. ECPC believes that cancer patients are the most important partners in the fight against cancer and against all the cancer-related issues affecting our society. Policy makers, researchers, doctors and industry should recognise cancer patients as co-creators of their own health.

Discover ECPC’s Membership

The European Cancer Patient Coalition reunites the largest European cancer patients community, covering almost all cancer types, from the rarest to the most common.

ECPC Members are divided in:

  • Full Members: organisations that fullfil all membership criteria; Full Members have voting rights within the ECPC General Assembly;
  • Associate Members: organisations that do not fulfil all membership criteria; Associate Members do not have voting rights

Full membership of ECPC is open to organisations meeting the following criteria:

  • The organisation shall be registered as a non-profit organisation in one of the EU Member States;
  • The main object of the organisation shall be the advocacy, support and care of cancer patients and their carers. Cancer-specific organisations (eg. lung, leukaemia etc.) shall be considered for membership if they can demonstrate a clear patient focus (advocacy, support and care) to their activities and patient involvement in the organisation’s activities;
  • The majority of those involved in the organisation’s management, directly or indirectly, must be cancer patients;
  • The organisation shall be willing to co-operate with other organisations having the same objectives;
  • The organisation shall be independent of governments, political parties and commercial organisations;
  • The organisation must support and demonstrate a commitment to ECPC’s vision and mission.


Associate Membership

Cancer organisations that do not fulfil the above criteria may apply to become an Associate Member or partner of ECPC. For that, they need to:

  • Be a cancer-related and patient-oriented organisation;
  • Be a non-profit organisation;
  • Support and demonstrate a commitment to ECPC’s vision and mission.

ECPC Membership is free of charge.

Why join ECPC?

  • To strengthen your voice at the European level;
  • To be promptly informed about changes in EU policy affecting cancer patients;
  • To network your organisation with more than 300 similar possible partners;
  • To exchange of useful resources and best practices in cancer patient support and cancer care advocacy;
  • To participate to educational events conferences.

If you are interested in joining ECPC, please fill in ECPC’s Membership Application Form and send via email to info@ecpc.org/

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