The European Commission Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (DG EMPL) launched a consultation on long-term unemployment in Europe (click here to see the consultation). Long-Term unemployment is defined as the situation of not being employed for more than 12 months. The consultation was open to all organisations and individuals, and aimed at collecting thoughts and opinions from citizens, key stakeholders and experts on measures for long-term unemployed to bring them back into employment, and to shorten the period they are unemployed.

Unfortunately, the survey did not address the particular needs of cancer survivors related to reintegration to working life, which leads to long-term unemployment.

ECPC, in partnership with ADAPT (Associazione per gli Studi Internazionali sul Diritto del Lavoro e Relazioni Industriali – Association for International Studies on Labour Law and Industrial Relations), produced a reply to the consultation, which describes the needs of non-communicable disease patients, including cancer patients. The reply was jointly sent to the Commission by ECPC, ADAPT and 6 other ECPC Members who demonstrated interest in the issue.

List of the ECPC Members who replied

FAVO Italy
AIMaC Italy
Angolo oncology patient groups association Italy
Associazione Italiana Laringectomizzati A.I.L.A.R. Onlus Italy
Associazione Oncologica Italiana Mutilati della Voce Onlus – Aoimdv  Italy 

ECPC will monitor the results of the consultation and will update all Members on the next steps.

We would like to thank all ADAPT researchers that worked with us to finalise the reply, and the 6 ECPC Members listed for their pro-activeness and support.

You can download ECPC reply by clicking here.