Rafal Swierzewski, Coordinator of ECPC’s Working Group on Paediatric Oncology will attend on the 18th of February the Conference on Tackling inequalities in paediatric care and research across Europe to be held in the European Parliament. The event is organised by the European Society for Paediatric Oncology. You can register at the event through the SIOPE website: http://www.siope.eu/news-and-resources/conferences-and-events/iccd/

ECPC Working Group on Paediatric Oncology

Modern paediatric oncology demands multidisciplinary, well planned and coordinated patient care. Multidisciplinary care is possible when multidisciplinary teams are formed at paediatric oncology clinics and wards. There are some countries in EU where these teams function and there are countries where such care is not available due to a multitude of socio-economic, technical or educational reasons. In order to define these problems and to propose possible solutions ECPC has created a Working Group on Paediatric Oncology. This Group is multidisciplinary and comprises healthcare professionals, parents and caregivers from Eastern, Middle and Southern European countries. All those involved have a common goal: to make sure the implementation of modern “European Standards of care for Children with Cancer” is not limited only to several countries, but is provided and applied to each and every child in Europe.