On the 19th November we had the pleasure to launch two important documents which are central to our fight against cancer: the Immuno-Oncology Action Framework and the Patient Guide to Immuno-Oncology. The launch was co-hosted by ECPC with two Members of the European Parliament, namely Philippe de Backer (ALDE, Belgium) and Cristian Silviu Busoi (EPP, Romania).

These documents are the result of a close collaboration between several cancer patient groups, professional societies and industry, reunited under the Expert Group on Immuno-Oncology. This independent, multi-disciplinary group was brought together to help improve understanding of immuno-oncology therapies and develop concrete recommendations of how European and national policymakers can encourage rapid and appropriate patient access to immuno-oncology therapies across Europe. Funding for the work of this group was provided by Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Download now:

Immuno-oncology: a policy action framework

What is Immuno-oncology? A guide for patients

The Policy Action Framework is intended as a starting point for action by EU-level policymakers and national politicians and contains five specific recommendations for policymakers, presented below. Please join us in disseminating these recommendations within your networks, as well as to your local politicians. They may play an important role in ensuring that the safest and most effective of these therapies are made available to cancer patients across Europe as quickly as possible.

5 key recommendations from the Immuno-Oncology Policy Action Framework

IO recommendations

The patient guide to immuno-oncology is a vital resource to provide patients with all types of cancer key information about what immuno-oncology therapies are, and what role they may play in the future care of cancer patients.

ECPC is delighted to announce that this patient guide is currently being translated into 24 different European languages. We will get in touch with you once we are ready with all the translations. Please help us disseminate this invaluable resource widely to your members!

And we are not stopping here – immuno-oncology will be a core theme for ECPC in 2015 as we will develop an on-line Academy on Immuno-Oncology. Moreover, we are working closely with the members of the Expert Group to build on the recommendations contained in the Action Framework both at the EU and national level.

For further information, please contact Mihaela Militaru, mihaela.militaru@ecpc.org/.