Biomarkers have already provided significant proof of their efficiency and promise to improve health outcomes. With the current survey we want to raise the awareness and understanding of the importance of biomarker testing, encourage patients to discuss biomarker testing with their HCPs at diagnosis and/or prior to the selection of treatment as part of their personalized cancer care plan. We are also curious to find out details on the countries where biomarkers are reimbursed because we feel regulatory and reimbursement processes must be adapted to the specificities of novel biomarker-based clinical tests. The current regulatory process and reimbursement procedures were developed for simple diagnostic tests, and are not well optimized for the characteristics of molecular biomarker-based tests. In our opinion, the development of regulatory processes for biomarker-based diagnostic tests will speed up the uptake of these technologies in the clinical context.

The answers provided to the questions below will help us define future policy actions for the development and use of biomarkers in health.


Thanking you all in advance for the feed-back provided!