We are delighted to announce that for the first time, the ECPC will award five scholarships, each worth 1,500 EURO, to young cancer survivors in need of financial support to pursue their academic studies.

Cancer Survivors Day is an annual celebration dedicated to all the brave hearts of those who have won their battle with cancer. It is also an inspiration for those who are still on this difficult journey. This special day is observed each year on the first Sunday of June across the globe. It is a great opportunity to stop for a moment, contemplate and treasure life, no matter whether you are a cancer survivor, a patient, a concerned family member, friend, medical professional or a cancer community supporter.

Most of all, Cancer Survivors Day is an exceptional celebration of those with a history of cancer. It is a good time to reach out to the entire cancer community and to have a discussion about major challenges and struggles related to cancer and survivorship and about ongoing research, new resources and possible legislative proposals related to further issues regarding cancer.

In 2016, amongst numerous activities, the ECPC will especially focus on the young people who are facing the most difficult social and financial situation.

To ensure the transparency of the scholarship initiative, the ECPC has put in place a detailed procedure for the selection of the winners, as well as a timeframe for all related activities.

According to the process, all ECPC Members can propose one candidate. The candidate will then need to provide a motivation letter, explaining their cancer journey and the most important learnings from this difficult experience. The candidates will also be asked to share their thoughts and intentions related to their future plans, i.e. studies, profession, major challenges and ambitions. The motivation letters will be assessed by the ECPC Board, followed by the selection of the winners and the grand award ceremony during the ECPC General Assembly 2016.

Please see below the scholarship initiative process:

    1. Monday 18 January 2016: Launch of the scholarship call, together with terms of reference and selection criteria;
    2. Monday 2 May 2016: Closure of the call followed by selection of the winners;
    3. Friday 3 June 2016: Award ceremony during the ECPC Assembly General Meeting;
    4. June 2016: Scholarship administration process;
    5. September – December 2016: Follow up – collection of impressions from the winners.

We warmly invite all of you to join us in celebrating this special occasion and to contribute to helping these young people in need to believe, yet again, that life can be beautiful.

Please send motivation letters to mihaela.militaru@ecpc.org/