We are very pleased to announce the new ECPC Policy Newsletter. The first issue of May 2017, has just been released!

The ECPC Policy Newsletter will summarize the policy news and initiatives that ECPC has been working on every month. Some of the initiatives highlighted in the newsletter are carried out by ECPC, and some others provide you information that the ECPC Board considers useful for all our members and stakeholders. Therefore, we ECPC will also highlight all the relevant policy developments at the EU level related to oncology and healthcare. Finally, the newsletter will also disseminate policy tools when relevant.

ECPC team believes that the Policy Newsletter is particularly important for the capacity building of our members. We hope you find the new ECPC Policy Newsletter very useful and informative!

If you are not a member of ECPC and you have not received the May 2017 issue, you can subscribe to the ECPC Policy Newsletter using the form below.


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