On Sunday 27th September 2015, during the European Cancer Congress, ECPC presented the paper “Europe of Disparities in Cancer”, the position of European cancer patients on the raising inequalities in cancer care in Europe.

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The document explores the patient care pathway, from diagnosis to recovery after treatment, to identify key indicators for these disparities, denouncing the shocking figures recounting disparities across Europe, which affect all European countries and regions, particularly Eastern European countries.


VIDEO: Prof De Lorenzo

VIDEO: Prof Lawler

Interview with Prof Lawler (ecancer.org)

VIDEO: Prof Sullivan

“Europe of Disparities in Cancer” is the result of several months of hard work and research. On the 21st January 2015, ECPC organised an event in the European Parliament to stir the attention of stakeholders and policy makers on inequalities in cancer care. Prof Mark Lawler and Ian Banks, representing the European Cancer Concord immediately replied to our plea and joined the Working Group responsible for the drafting of the paper, swiftly followed by Prof Richard Sullivan. We received also the support of the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists, which denounced together with us the problem of the shortage of cancer drugs in Europe.

Therefore, “Europe of Disparities in Cancer”  is a scientifically validate, patient-friendly, patient-oriented set of recommendations on the most important priorities for action to fight inequalities. Our approach, scientifically rigorous in its content, yet exquisitely political in its meaning, strengthens the already solid stance of ECPC in the European public health panorama.

For more information on the “Europe of Disparities” initiative, please check the dedicated ECPC.org section clicking here.


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